Can Diabetics Eat Mangoes?

Just like a cup of coffee entices people to work harder, sweet fleshy mango does the same task for most people.

a Few days back, the jury stood out on mangoes, whether diabetic patients can eat them or not. The decision was in your favor. You can eat it.

When we think about the fruits of summer, only the yellow-looking king of fruits comes to mind. Nobody can resist this juicy, delicious-looking fruit. 

Some people think that fruits contain natural sugars and that raw fruits will not harm them because they are not taking any extra sugar from processed foods, drinks, and colas. They are wrong fruits contain natural sugars; they can also raise sugar levels if you consume them in larger quantities.

 On the other hand, some patients believe that mangoes can raise blood sugar levels even if they eat them in moderation. You must have heard that moderation is vital.

Carbs and Fat Content of Mangoes

100g of mango contain

  • 15g = carbs
  • 13.7g = sugar

Other Vitamins and Minerals that are Hidden in Mangoes

The king of fruits, mango contains a lot of

  •  Fibre.
  •  B-complex vitamins, except for Vit-B12
  • It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and folate and is almost low in fat which is a plus point for patients trying to lose weight. If they are dieting, they can still eat mangoes.
  • Vit-a nd vit_c, which are antioxidants. The presence of Amylase can improve digestion processes.
  •  Minerals help to keep skin healthy
  • .cancer risks can be lowered by polyphenols.

GI Score of Mangoes

GI means how quickly a particular food raises blood glucose levels. Low GI scores range from 1 -55, the medium score range is 56-69, and foods above 70 are considered high GI foods.

Mangoes fall in the category of low  GI, scoring 51, which is not a problem for diabetic patients.

Calories in Mangoes

No of calories in 100g of mangoes are

  • 65 Kcal

Although calories are high, the fat content is almost zero in the same serving size as a mango.

  • Fiber = 1.6g
  • Protein = 36.4mg

Serving Size for People with Type-2 Diabetes

Does the question arise about the serving size for type-2 patients whose sugar levels are already high?

Nutritionists recommend eating two slices every 4th day. Or a half cup every 4th day. By eating this serving size, check the effect on the rise of sugar levels; if there is no change, you can eat one slice daily.

Raw Mangoes for Diabetic Patients

From a nutritionist’s point of view, raw mangoes do not cause a rise in glucose levels compared to ripe mangoes. These raw tarty-flavored mangoes are less sweet. They recommend eating the pulp of mangoes rather than fresh fruit juices, The most accurate way to select a firm mango.

When eating mango, try not to consume any other sugar-containing food for the rest of the day.

Best Time to Eat Mangoes

The digestion process is slow because people are least active at night. So diabetics patients should stop eating mango after 5 pm. if you crave mango in the evening, then engage in some exercises. It is the only way to minimize the harmful effects of eating it.

You should prefer to eat it with low-fat yogurt or as a main course in the afternoon.

Diabetic-friendly Recipes

Green mango chutney


  •  75g of mangoes
  • 1tsb of sugar

Cut mango into small pieces, add them into a blender, then add 1 tsp of sugar and blend until you get a semi-solid paste.

The patient is allowed to take 15g of carbs per meal. 75g of mango contains 11 g of carbs, and 1tsb of sugar contains 4.2g of carbs.

The patient should check glucose levels before and after eating green mango chutney using a glucometer. If levels go high, then limit the quantity.

Mango chia seeds smoothie

Chia seeds create a gel-like structure in the digestive tract, which gives the feeling of fullness. Mangoes and chia seeds are a perfect match.

  • Half cup mango
  • Chia seeds(1tsb)
  • Coconut milk 100ml
  • Strawberries half cup


In a blender, add chopped mangoes, strawberries, and coconut milk, and blend it. Then sprinkle chia seeds and mix them.

Add 4 tsp of water to a pan and then add strawberries; after boiling for 1 minute, mash strawberries.

Add a layer of mango and chia seeds paste in a cup, and then add the layer of mashed strawberries over it, and enjoy.


Can the menstrual cycle spike up your glucose levels?

During periods some women crave spicy things, and others crave sweet food. There are chances of rising glucose levels if one eats 100g of chocolate per day; 100 g of chocolate has 61g of carbs, which is not a safe serving size.

So women should keep an eye on the number of carbs they take; carbs are converted into sugar which causes diabetes.

What is a healthy snack that can fulfill all cravings?

  • Soy chips are one option.
  • Bhel is another option that contains puffed rice and vegetables.
  • Graham cracker with nut butter
  • Low-sugar avocado mouses
  • Granula with no fats
  • Greek yogurt mixed with berries

Is mango terrible for diabetic patients?

No, if you eat according to your nutritionist’s recommendation. If you don’t exceed your daily carbs intake, mango is beneficial because it contains potassium, calcium, and other beneficial vitamins.

Diabetes is hereditary. Is it true?

It is valid to some extent. There is hardly a 30% chance of getting it from family.

Most of the time, personal practices are responsible. These practices include

  • Fast food consumption
  • Processed food consumption
  • when alcohol consumption crosses the safe limit
  • No exercise

Final words

Diabetes can enjoy every fruit just by limiting the portion sizes and keeping an eye on carbs intake. People only face problems when they don’t eat things within the safe limit.

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